2018/11/05 – Are you getting the most out of your cloud environment? Without the right partner, choosing the right AWS services to meet your existing business needs can be difficult, and as your demands change, you will want to shift to the service option that meets your new requirements. With AWS you can also run multiple service options concurrently, helping you reduce costs and still maintain optimal performance.

So, having the right partner to help design and deploy infrastructure according to AWS best practices means that you can save money by adapting your services to meet your business requirements. Whether you are utilizing EC2 or RDS, Amazon provides a wide selection of instance types optimized to fit different use cases. AWS also provides a range of pricing models, including On-Demand and Spot Instances for variable workloads and Reserved Instances for predictable workloads. Nextlink can help you find the right pricing model to optimize costs based on the nature of your workload. Here are the top six ways you can cost optimize your cloud environment. 

1 Purchase Reserved Instances (RIs) 
Standard Reserved Instances provide you with a significant discount (up to 75%) compared to On-Demand instance pricing, and can be purchased for a 1-year or 3-year term. However, Nextlink recommends you run workloads on-demand for the first month to gauge performance needs before moving to RIs. Once you commit, paying with the all-upfront option will always give you the best dollar value whether using EC2 or RDS. But consider carefully before purchasing 3-year RIs. AWS is constantly releasing new updates such as more powerful and economical EC2s. You’ll get better value committing to 1-year and then upgrading the following year.

2. Purchase Spot Instances 

Amazon EC2 Spot Instances are spare compute capacity in the AWS Cloud available to you at steep discounts compared to On-Demand prices. Spot Instances enable you to optimize your costs on the AWS cloud and scale an application’s throughput by up to 10X for the same budget. However, Spot Instances can be interrupted by Amazon EC2 with two minutes of notification when EC2 needs the capacity back, so therefore should only be used for fault-tolerant applications, such as big data, containerized workloads, high-performance computing (HPC), etc.

3. Monitor underutilized instances or overprovisioned storage 

Whether it’s your EC2 or RDS, underutilized instances should be resized to prevent wastage. EBS and RDS storages can be minimized if not used, and S3 can take advantage of storage classes (IA, Glacier). Nextlink recommends you pick the right-sizing instances and storage classes for your workloads, and constantly monitor and analyze instance usage for right sizing.

4. Build infrastructure according to AWS best practices 

The most important practice for effectively optimizing costs with AWS is to start early. Although many cost optimization practices are relatively easy to implement in small environments, you need new operational best practices, automation, and organizational incentives to be successful at scale across large environments and enterprises. Establishing these best practices early in your journey can help you establish the right processes and behaviors to ensure success when you hit scale. Not only does this cost-optimize, this provides high availability, security and disaster recovery as well.

5. Run on serverless using AWS Lambda 

Serverless applications are ones that don’t require you to provision or manage any servers. By designing your application on Lambda, the platform manages these responsibilities for you. And you pay only for the compute time you consume; there is no charge when your code is not running.

6. Choose the right AWS consulting partner  

APN Consulting Partners can achieve one of four performance tiers based on training, customer engagements, and overall business investment on AWS. These tiers are: Registered, Standard, Advanced, and Premier. Consulting partners can help design and deploy infrastructure according to AWS best practice, to help you save on time, effort and cost. And as they advance through APN’s tiers, partners receive additional benefits by increasing their level of AWS expertise and engagement.

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