At the end of April, the AWS Asia Pacific (Hong Kong) Region was officially opened, which is a great for AWS customers in Hong Kong, but it is important for customers to remember that AWS has changed the default behavior for all future Regions so customers will need to opt in the accounts they want to operate in each new Region.

For new AWS Regions, Identity and Access Management (IAM) resources such as users and roles will only be propagated to the Regions that you enable. When the next Region launches, you can enable this Region for your account using the AWS Regions setting under My Account in the AWS Management Console. You will need to enable a new Region for your account before you can create and manage resources in that Region. At this time, there are no changes to existing AWS Regions.

AWS recommends that you review who in your account will have access to enable and disable AWS Regions. Additionally, you can prepare for this change by setting permissions so that only approved account administrators can enable and disable AWS Regions. You can use IAM permissions policies to control which IAM principals (users and roles) can perform these actions.

Find out more from AWS about the new account permissions for enabling and disabling new AWS Regions.

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