Due to the continuous spread of the new coronavirus COVID-19 epidemic, many companies have implemented a Split Operation or Work From Home system to reduce the possibility of internal employee infections and avoid the company’s shutdown crisis. Under such a situation, many enterprises have began to search for solutions related to remote work. Amazon WorkSpaces is a remote desktop service on AWS that allows employees to work without being in the office!

Amazon WorkSpaces is a fully managed remote desktop connection service in the cloud, which eases the burden of purchasing and deploying hardware or installing complex software. IT staff can use the AWS Command Line Interface (CLI) or APIs to provide remote desktop experiences for corporate employees. With Amazon WorkSpaces, you can start a Windows or Linux remote desktop in minutes, connect and access your desktop applications securely, reliably, and quickly from the user end or external network.

Three benefits of using Amazon WorkSpaces as remote desktop software:

Ability to Connect with Existing Enterprise AD

AWS Directory Service: Microsoft AD or Simple AD can be used to build a hosted Directory Service to manage users and WorkSpaces.

Seamless integration with your AWS environment

Amazon WorkSpaces will be deployed on your Amazon VPC subnet, and integrated with AWS Key Management Service (KMS), so that enterprises can open end user access to enterprise applications without worrying too much about security issues.

Free annual contract, can be charged by hour and month

Compared with other remote desktop software that requires a pre-commitment period, Amazon WorkSpaces’ flexible pricing makes it easier for companies to optimize costs


[Great News for You]

Nextlink is here to share a good news with you, as long as you have not used Amazon WorkSpaces and the office application software Amazon WorkDocs, starting from 4/1 to 6/30, AWS provides a free quota of 50 users for companies to use. In addition, many customers have recently asked Nextlink about Amazon WorkSpaces usage and configuration issues. If you have any usage requirements, please feel free to contact us.

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