Company Profile

Founded in 2004, Femas HR is dedicated to developing human resources management solutions, and assisting enterprises to improve efficiency and save costs.  In Taiwan, there are many small and medium-sized companies who don’t have enough resources to develop self-financing, or can’t outsource development of human resources systems like enterprises. Therefore, Femas launched “Femas HR Cloud Human Resource System” in 2012, which combines features like salary, attendance, scheduling, and taking leaves. It provides complete human resources management system services with cheap monthly rent, and uses cloud-based sharing technology to eliminate additional costs such as upgrades and equipment maintenance for businesses. Femas HR adopt Amazon Web Services, which are stable and secure, and greatly reduces security concerns.


When planning their system from the beginning, Femashr evaluates several IDC providers to find a proper environment. Though many of them can provide enough computing capability Femashr needs, they lack immediacy and flexibility for performance enhancing and resources expanding. Also, Femashr need to integrate other services (such as mail services) by themselves, which increases operational workloads.

They also consider to build on premise, but expensive infrastructure and follow-up maintain cost will lead to higher SaaS charging, which decreases customers’ willingness to use.

All of these factors delay releasing time of HR System, and they successfully roll it out until turn to AWS.


When choosing IaaS service, there are several considerations for Femas HR: System stability, information security, functional integrity, self-management. As a professional HR SaaS, stable system and information security are absolutely critical, and AWS is able to meet the above requirements and stand the first place in Femas’s evaluation. The convenient management mechanism allows customers to fully understand the status of the system and adjusts the resources flexibly according to the demand. These are the reasons why Femas chose AWS.

The followings are AWS products and services :

  1.  ELB + Auto Scaling: Automatically adjust the number of instances according to   peak/off-peak; it can meet customers’ needs and save costs.

  2.  Amazon RDS, Amazon Aurora: Use high-performance database to store customer   data.

  3.  Amazon S3: Store customer data in AWS ‘Bucket’.

  4.  AWS CodeDeploy: Deploy code on the servers.

  5.  AWS Lambda: Make it easier to run code. No need to build or manage servers;   only need to pay for the usage in running hour.

  6.  Amazon SES + Amazon SNS: SES is for highly scalable for e-mail sending and   receiving. SNS is for coordinating the endpoints and deliver messages to         subscribers.

  7.  Amazon EC2 Run Command: Remotely control servers or virtual machines       running  on the cloud.


  1.  By integrating the tools, automatically monitor system resources, provided by   AWS, the system management becomes more convenient.

  2.  Drastically reduce human force up to 60%

  3.  Reduced approximately 50% of operating costs

Product / Services

Amazon ELB, Auto Scaling, Amazon RDS, Amazon Aurora, Amazon S3, AWS CodeDeploy, 

AWS Lambda, Amazon SES, Amazon SNS, Amazon EC2 Run Command

AWS Application Architecture

AWS Application Architecture
The reliability and security of AWS satisfies Femas HR’s core requirements

  • ELB + Auto Scaling: Automatically adjust the number of computer services

  • Amazon RDS, Amazon Aurora: Use high-performance database to store customer data.

  • Amazon S3: Store customer data in AWS  ‘Bucket’.

  • AWS CodeDeploy: Deploy code on the servers.

  • AWS Lambda: Make it easier to run the code.

  • Amazon SES + Amazon SNS: Highly scalable e-mail sending and receiving platform and coordinating message delivery.

  • Amazon EC2 Run Command: Remotely control server or virtual machine.