Company Profile

IGS was founded in 1991, they developed its own brand and technologies at beginning, and it broken the Japanese game manufacturers long-term monopoly situation, which became a famous brand in gaming industry in Asia. In 1996, they completed the 2D game research and development; in 1998, they had a largest R&D team in gaming industry in Chinese region; during 2000-2003, they focused on cross-platform development, and they made a major breakthrough in PC game, machine games, PGM, online game, touch screen game, TSG and Atomiswave. From 2004, IGS decided to go to international marketing. In 2006, IGS listed on the market, and three of their goals are making video game console emulator in no.1 market share, becoming the best online game content provider, building the best R&D game team, all of these goals made IGS an International and world-class enterprise.

The Challenge

30 years ago, IGS started their business in manufacturing printed circuit boards and game machine boards,hardware. After establishing the company Few years later, they began to research and to develop in game of chance, mahjong, and create the first Chinese self-made fighting game; 20 years ago, IGS has already accessed to China market, where they promoted 3D, rhythm and dance game machines; 10 years ago, IGS has begun to develop online games; in the recent 5 years, they start to invest mobile game research and development, and then they accessed to the European and American markets, such as the United States, Italy… in order to become globalized, IGS started to find flexibility solutions to meet the worldwide market needs.


In the past, IGS used IDC entity hosting services to online game and app game. However, online games required relatively large data processing and performance for the players, and app games do not need so much resources, so they want the cost can be more inelastic; in addition, the traditional IDC implementation process is complex and lack of flexibility. To find a flexible and immediately-responded service, IGS considered cloud service as the primary choice.

The Solution

Before adopting cloud services, IGS also evaluated the cloud services provided by different vendors. However, some of the manufacturers just give IGS the lower control capacity, and their services need professional staff to maintain.
In the end, IGS chose Amazon Web Services. There are the following considerations:

  • AWS is the leading cloud service provider, it has more support services.

  • AWS is more transparent in price and resource than other cloud service providers.

  • AWS integrates multiple and elastic services, provides complete cost estimated platform.

IGS uses following AWS products:

  • Use Amazon EC2 database to achieve elastic cost and high availability.

  • AWS EBS is the main service for IGS, which can deal with workload and backup mechanisms, and is in line with the need of no interruption, encryption and high availability.

  • Separate the management area with Amazon Route 53.

  • Use Amazon S3, Amazon CloudFront CDN as a back-end backup, front-end data deployment.

  • In the future, IGS will also leverage Amazon ElastiCache to speed up reading of the data.

The Benefits

  1.  AWS improves the implementation of performance, upgrade four workloads of   one employee to ten.

  2.  Simplify management processes and reduce hardware workloads.

  3.  Time of hardware construction was shortened from one month to a week

  4.  Costs can be adjusted flexibly by use.

AWS Services

Amazon EC2, Amazon EBS, Amazon Route 53, Amazon S3, Amazon CloudFront, Amazon ElastiCache

AWS Application Architecture