Nextlink - Service Procedures


Project Conference

During the start-up phase, we will work through the project’s conference to confirm the purpose and objectives of the project, and to grasp key corporate issues and pain points. Through the introduction of AWS services and case sharing, customers can understand the migration process and related technologies and build consensus for future cooperation.


System Assessment

Correctly understanding and evaluating the information system within the enterprise is a key factor in the success of the project. Our professional architects will conduct interviews and analysis to assess the steps and methods of migration, assist in calculating the total cost of ownership (TCO) and return on investment (ROI) after the enterprise information system is transferred to the cloud, and draw up an action plan for the follow-up migration. (Action Plan).


Migration Strategy

Basically, moving enterprise IT system to cloud is recommended to move from easy to difficult, from simple to complex. Starting from an independent, simple information system, the enterprise’s internal IT personnel are made possible to get familiar with the cloud operating environment which would largely encourage the enterprise to establish its confidence in cloud services. Nextlink will assist companies in setting appropriate migration strategies to ensure uninterrupted service and data security during the migration process.


Educational Training

Nextlink will customize and plan suitable educational training courses for companies based on their needs. The more information the enterprise IT personnel understands the use of the cloud, the smoother the migration process will be, and the reduction of technical risks and possible resistance. Education training includes an original course or a customized course from Nextlink, and can assist corporate information personnel to obtain relevant certifications.


Infrastructure Design

Nextlink has a team of professional architects to assist you in planning and recommending a suitable cloud system infrastructure so that enterprise information systems can be safely and smoothly migrated to the cloud environment, and which enable full use of the high scalability, high flexibility and high availability of cloud systems. This provides a good foundation for the future growth of the enterprise.


Proof of Concept

After completing the relevant planning and setting, the actual proof of concept (POC) process allows the enterprise to actually conduct the test of the information system transfer before it officially goes live. Enterprises can verify previously planned processes and architectures during the POC process to identify and understand potential problems.


Migration Tool Selections

We select the appropriate migration tools based on the software and data types of enterprise application services, and the immediacy requirements of information systems. Nextlink uses automation as the main migration method, through AWS CloudFormation, Chef and other tools, combined with AWS Database Migration Service, Server Migration Service, VM Import/Export, and other third-party tools to quickly complete the migration operation to avoid human error and to ensure seamless integration of IT services.


Disaster Recovery and Backup

Enterprises’ important information systems should be ensured at highest availability. Through cloud services provided by AWS, the system can easily establish a good disaster recovery and backup solution. Nextlink can plan different execution plans based on the requirements of RPO (Recovery Point Objective) and RTO (Recovery Time Objective).


Complete Monitoring

Enterprises should have complete monitoring strategies and auditing mechanisms to ensure that information systems can operate safely. By using various types of monitoring (AWS CloudWatch, DataDog) and audit tools (AWS CloudTrail), Nextlink can assist enterprises in planning and monitoring the structure and methods of monitoring, and keep abreast of the status of information services to adjust and update their information system infrastructure and service strategy.


Maintenance and Management

The maintenance and management of cloud systems involves the transformation of the enterprise’s operational processes. Nextlink will assist enterprises in establishing maintenance mechanisms and provide enterprise 24x7x365 technical support services. Nextlink, as an AWS Managed Service Partner, can directly provide enterprise information system hosting services, and hand over management and maintenance of cloud information systems to the Nextlink professional maintenance team, which can help enterprises quickly import clouds and shorten the wait time needed to live.